Sugaring Off: Day 4

Don’t know if it’s the heat or the Sugaring Off experiment, but I’m feeling extremely lacking in energy today, despite eating as usual. Have probably had about three large servings of fruit salad today, but still looking longingly at those cookies that I’d baked (unfortunately timed) the day before the bet. The Boy is keeping me company by sitting next to me with a plate of kiwi, cantaloupe, and longan, which his sister has all lovingly cut and sliced for him.

Shocked myself by the violence of my urge, when I told the Husband while holding a car key in my hand, “I’d like to key you right now.” Not the car. Just him. He says that’s a sign of anger, and a sure indication that I’m withdrawing from an addiction. Bah.

Could only do 15 minutes of my usual 30-minute workout. Felt lethargic and sleepy on the way home. This cold-turkey withdrawal from sweets is surely going to do me in.

Let’s hope the weather gets cooler tomorrow, and maybe that will make me feel better and explain away my behaviour. Then again, maybe not.