#921: I am amused, Part 3–The Newsletter

As I’ve noted before, the Girl is quite adept at doing things on her own, on the computer. When she’s not tracking down spammers, blogging, or typing out a wonderful story, my Girl is entertaining us with her own newsletter. Yes, that’s right—she has had a few of us ardent fans sign up for an (almost daily) e-mail newsletter, filled with wonderful insights and amusing tidbits.

Who among us (especially the self-employed) doesn’t waste an extraordinary amount of time surfing for silly, amusing, ridiculously humourous things to read, watch, and hear? Well now, I have someone who helps me find some of those items that I may have missed on my daily hunt for entertainment. In her e-newsletter, the Girl sends me things such as CCPDs (Cute Cat Pic of the Day), links to funny web sites, or amazing and/or adorable photos and videos. Sometimes, if we’re lucky, we get one of her compositions, be it a short story, a short play, or a brief list reminding us of ways in which we can prevent global warming.

It’s nice having a young mind that enjoys putting a smile on people’s faces. My Girl keeps me quite entertained on-line, as well as in real life.