#924: An unshakeable confidence in idolisation

We have Bieber Fever in the house. And no, it’s not the nine-year-old Girl who likes Justin. It’s the four-year-old Boy. What’s lovely is that he shows so much enthusiasm, and no embarassment about his admiration, despite his sister’s snickers and obvious show of disdain for the teenaged singer.

Recently, we were walking through the mall and I noticed that the Boy had stopped dead in his tracks, distracted and hypnotized by something. He was at the custom-printed t-shirt kiosk, admiring the Justin Bieber tees.

“You really want one, don’t you?” I asked him.

“Yes,” he replied simply.

“And what colour heart would you like as the background on your t-shirt, pink or purple?” I teased.


“And what colour t-shirt, white or black?”


“Oh.” I was beginning to realise that he was serious.

“No, no,” chimed in his sister with a hint of mockery in her voice, “don’t you mean a pink t-shirt?”

“No!” he replied in an annoyed tone. “Not pink! Because that would camouflage the pink heart!”

I had to laugh at that. Even after his sister and I pointed out to him that most Bieber fans were

A) older than him, and

B) female,

it still didn’t faze him. He held on to something that he loved, and wouldn’t let our judgement deter him. You gotta love a kid for his commitment and admiration, even in the face of mockery.