#927: I spy with my little eye . . .

So many interesting things happened at the eye doctor’s today, that made me proud/happy of these two little people. To summarize:

1) We all biked to the optometrist’s office, to and from. It was a total of over 2 km, some of it over rocky and sandy terrain. No one complained, not even when he had to get off and walk his bike because of the rough road.

2) The Girl has 20/20 vision, and has had, since her first eye exam at the age of 4. She reads signs far away for dear old Mama and Papa, who with their nearsightedness have to squint even with corrective lenses on. She assures me that she will live with us forever, and help us read all our signs and labels into our old age.

3) Because both of their parents are terribly nearsighted, there is an 80% chance that the kids would be too, said the doc. And it looks like the Boy is on his way, with an astigmatism in both eyes (worse in the right one). But knowing that there’s a chance that he’ll be needing glasses, he didn’t become sad or annoyed about it, like I was when I was a kid. In fact, he started picking out frames right away. In fact, he wasn’t too embarrassed to try on purple Barbie glasses.

4) The Boy knows what an old-fashioned rotary phone is (!), from the symbols chart that the optometrist uses. I don’t think he’s ever seen one before in his short life (even the Girl thought it was a t-shirt), and I was about to say so to the doc, when the Boy’s little voice piped up, “Is it a telephone?”

4) The Boy was very descriptive in his reading out of the symbols chart. At one point, he started to describe more than was needed to show that he saw the symbol on the chart. The optometrist had to stop him, saying, “Okay, okay, very nice and descriptive.” Then he turned to me and said, “They’re both homeschooled, right?” Nice link, doc.

5) They both actually enjoy going to get examined. No fidgeting, fussing, whining, or mutterings of “Why do we have to go?” In fact, it was they who had reminded and pushed me to schedule the exam. So different from when I was a kid, and found out that I would need to go see the optometrist for my blurry vision.

In short, I was a little anxious about our appointment with the eye doctor today, but the kids showed me that in the end, there really won’t be anything to worry about. The kids are going to be all right.