#931: The Internet Detective

The Girl gets a bit of spam from time to time, regarding her little business web site. She has been told since a young age to not respond to e-mails that promise to “get your products into more stores!” and “drive more traffic to your web site!” I tend to just direct these messages to my Junk box right away, but my curious little girl has something else in mind.

She has recently learned how to use Google and Google Maps to track down the fraudsters and expose them, if only for her own knowledge. I was very amused to hear her describe to me one day her process:

“You know those annoying e-mails that I get? Well, I copied and pasted their phone number into Google, and found out that it actually shows up as a Jamba Juice in California. And I pasted their address into Google Maps, and did the street view, and it’s just a shopping plaza, with a Jamba Juice.”

This is one smart kid who won’t soon be swindled into sharing the wealth with any Nigerian heirs, or forwarding chain letters to help out cancer victims. I’m sure she’ll soon have snopes.com bookmarked as well. I like my cynical little Internet detective.