#934: I am amused, Part 1: All pun and games

As someone who is a word nerd, I love that I have kids who are word nerds too. From the tender age of about three or four, both of them (although I’ve noticed that the Girl is slightly more accomplished at it than her brother) have revelled in making up puns and jokes involving word play.

I used to write these little tidbits here and there in their baby journals, on pieces of paper, or a napkin, but over the years, I’ve forgotten to transcribe some of them or lost them. Now, I can record them here, and I hope that the kids will enjoy looking back on this one day and say, “I said that? I was quite amusing.”

Not just a yummy food—also a secret agent

Here is a recent example of an amusing bit of word play that the Girl revealed to me:

“I invented a character. It would be an Asian spy. You know what he would be called?”


“Bamboo Shoots!”

These kids sure do keep me lol’ing.