#937: Pay attention now, Part 2–Here’s a book for you

So, we’ve already determined that the Boy keeps an ear open to what his Papa says. But does he for dear Mama?

At the library after our enjoyable viewing of How to Train Your Dragon last week, we decided to look for books on Vikings. So there we were in the childrens’ History section, running our fingers down the spines of various books on Vikings, trying to find something that could educate and entertain two children at different levels of learning. And all of a sudden, I heard this little voice behind me, saying, “Here, Mama. I found this book for you. I know that you wanted one.”

The Boy handed me an Eyewitness Book about the Vietnam War. Apparently, he’d been running his finger down the spines of books too, because he picked out this particular one based on the title, and knowing how much we love our collection of Eyewitness Books.

I’ve been interested in this subject, and doing research on it, a lot recently. I’ve also been saying to the Husband how I’m debating with myself whether it’s worth buying another history or reference book on the topic. Now, here was one, being hand-delivered to me. True, it’s a book for kids, and not as in-depth as I’d like to see. Yet, accepting that book was about more than just reading up on a War, of course.

So the answer is yes, he does listen to me too. Apparently, he’s skillful in a couple of things: keeping his ears open to things that we wouldn’t think are interesting or useful to him, and finding valuable books.