#939: Money issues, Part 2–It’s on me

The Girl has a Miga wallet. The Boy has a Spiderman wallet. Neither has too much money in their respective wallets, and neither expects to do much with their money. Or so I thought.

I mean, I know that they have some grandparent-money in there, and the Girl has cash from her hairclips business and allowance (although I keep forgetting to give it to her lately, and she’s too gentle and gracious to remind me). But they hardly ever bring their little bill-folds, and what for? Their parents pay for everything.

But oh, what a delightful surprise it was, on the day when that changed. I can’t even remember what the item was (although knowing me, it was probably for a candy bar or ice cream cone), but out of the blue that day, the Girl said, “I want to buy that for you, Mama.” And the Boy, hearing his sister, wanted to follow suit. I looked in their little Miga and Spiderman wallets, and they had about $25 and $20 in there, respectively. Veritable fortunes, by kids’ standards, and they wanted to buy something for me! Especially impressive was the boy’s generosity—remember, this is a kid who doesn’t share his cookie with just anyone.

Of course, we as parents want to teach our kids about generosity and kindness towards others. But it’s so much sweeter when they’re able to come to those conclusions all on their own.