#945: Crafty little guy, Part 1–Pinata time!

For the past few months, the Boy has had it in his mind that he’d like to make a piñata (which I think he kept calling a “petunia” for the first little while). He must have seen it on t.v. and asked me what it was. When I explained about papier mâché, and that a  piñata was basically a vehicle for candy, his eyes lit up; you could practically hear the little voice in his head say, “You had me at ‘candy’.”

So, with this and that coming up, and general heat-induced sluggishness (and okay, I admit it: I dislike the messiness of papier mâché), we had been putting off the project for a while. But today, we finally got around to it.

And all that talk about candy? Disappeared out the window. Within a few short minutes, the Boy declared how much he loved  doing papier mâché, and how getting his hands messy and putting on the hundreds of strips of paper made him happy. He was simply content with the process, and not just the end result of having heaven candy rain down upon him.

I like that. Once the  papier mâchéd balloon dries and we paint it up, I’m hoping—though it’s not likely—that just that will be enough to satisfy him.