Best Canada Day guests

Getting a headstart on the long drive to Canada Day festivities, listening to the CBC, we heard an interesting piece about a poll conducted by the Historical Dominion Institute (yeah, I know—I haven’t heard of them either). They asked Canadians to list which famous Canadians, living or dead, they would invite to a Canada Day barbecue. (For the answer to the #1 choice, scroll to the bottom of this post.)

It made us think what a fun question this would be, to mull over on this Canada Day. Like one of those “Which famous people would you invite to dinner?” questions, only this one is restricted to only Canadian idols and heroes. So on this Canada Day, I challenge you to think of your five Canadian barbecue guests, and leave you with my five (in no particular order):

1) Mike Myers: Really funny, seemingly down-to-earth guy. Less frenetic than Jim Carey.

2) Alice Munro: I’ve already seen her in a live interview, and got to say a few words to her while getting her autograph on her latest book. Still, it would be marvelous to chat one-on-one with her in an informal setting.

3) Russ Peters: Who doesn’t love his ethnic comedy, sometimes tame, sometimes slightly offensive?

4) Peter Gzowski: Always was my dream to do something of significance, and be interviewed on “Morningside”. So sad when he died, and I had to let go of that dream.

5) Barenaked Ladies (which I’m counting as only one guest, but okay, if you restrict me to one person, then I guess it would have to be Ed Robertson.): Musical talent, and great sense of humour.

. . .

In the HDI poll, the #1 choice of Canadians was Terry Fox.