#950: Debating skills

I knew, of course, that my post on evil rabbit-eating cats wouldn’t go unnoticed, or uncommented on, by the Girl, who looks forward to reading each blog entry, and of course, loves cats. And as expected, she launched into it with me, a couple of days after that entry went up. But she was oh, so casual about it.

The Girl: You know, Mom, cats have to eat too.

Me: (hiding a smile, because I knew what was coming) Yes, but didn’t you get the part where I wrote that that cat was probably already full from his Purina Cat Chow, or whatever it is that his owners already feed him? He didn’t need that rabbit.

TG: Well, when you eat, you don’t need chicken, but you sometimes have it, right?

Me: Yes, but I need protein.

TG: Okay, but you can have a bean salad and get your protein from that. Why do you still need chicken on top of that?
(And so on.)

Maybe even one day . . .

What I loved about that conversation, and what made me so proud, was the fact that she is so much like I was at her age: questioning, debating, mildly argumentative, and not wanting to take anything that anyone (even her mother) said, to be the end all and be all. My Girl has a mind of her own, and isn’t afraid to say what’s on it. She’s developing her debating skills and her powers of reasoning, and if there were such a thing as a homeschooling debate team, I’m sure that she’d do quite well for her age. Every day, I look forward to conversations with her, to be challenged and stimulated.