#949: Inventions, Part 2–“Wanna play a game? . . .”

I’ve already mentioned how our kids love to A) play games, and B) play by the rules. But when they take it one step further and combine the two, we get results that are sometimes frustrating, sometimes highly entertaining.

The Boy appears to be following in his sister’s footsteps, somewhat: right around this age, she started inventing game rules for anyone who chose to play with her. Sometimes she’d invent a brand-new game, and sometimes just modify the rules of an already-existing game. Whatever the case, it would start out amusing for us, but soon become a bit frustrating. Her rules were elaborate, long to explain, and unfortunately, had a tendency to change every few minutes, so that it was hard to keep them straight. At one point, we had to say, “We just can’t play your games, until things get simplified.”

The Boy, on the other hand, has a slightly different approach. He starts out with rules which are rather simple (even if they sometimes don’t make too much sense) and they stay simple. But today, he threw a little twist into it which made us laugh, and realise that we might actually look forward to playing his games. Here are his modified rules for the card game “War”:

1) Pick a card from your own hand, and put it on the table.

2) The next person does the same and continues, until you both have a match.

3) If you have a match, you just leave the cards on the table. No one picks anything up. (Apparently, this is a game that has no objective, and no winners or losers.)

4) Finally, at the end, take all the cards and arrange them into the Pontiac logo. (!)

That last one threw us for a loop, and made us truly laugh out loud. Playing games with inventive kids is fun!