Homeschooling lessons gained from watching reality tv

What a Sunday morning conversation in our homeschooling household sounds like:

Beloved Husband: So kids, did you like “Billy the Exterminator” last night?

The Boy: What was it again?

BH: It was about the man who exterminated animals.

TB: What does “exterminate” mean again?

BH: It means . . . to take the animals to a better place.

Me: Like, Australia?

BH: (no reply to my awesome attempt at being funnier than he is) So do you remember one thing that he was trying to exterminate?

TB: Yeah, the purple-tailed wasp. It was beautiful.

Me: But I thought you didn’t like wasps.

TB: I do! I love wasps.

Me: But you’re always scared of them, and cry when you see them.

TB: Well, I still love them.

BH: So what’s one kind of wood that the wasp liked to be in?

The Girl: Ummm . . .

BH: It’s an expensive wood, made into beautiful furniture. Ma . . .

TG: Mahogany!

[and so on]

For those who aren’t aware yet, everything is a potential learning experience for homeschoolers, and it’s not all serious stuff. Lessons learned from this session:

1) “Exterminate” is a cool euphemism for “kill mercilessly”.

2) Just because something is beautiful doesn’t mean that you can’t exterminate it. Especially if it’s being a nuisance by chomping on your expensive mahogany.

3) Mahogany is expensive and beautiful. More than purple-tailed wasps.

4) Everybody loves Australia. It’s a better place.