#951: Old-fashioned playing

Despite their love of Transformers, our kids also enjoy some good, old-fashioned toys and games. That’s one of the things that I love about their sense of play and curiosity: They don’t automatically ask for all the new, trendy, or high-tech toys and games (even if they see them on tv quite a bit). They hear me talk about my good old days of playing, when we didn’t have the best and the latest of everything, and they want to try the toys and games of “my generation”.

Now, I’m not as old I sound, but I do remember when, as kids, we would play hopscotch, or handball, or simply jump rope for fun. True, money was tight for our family, but even if it hadn’t been, I doubt that I would have been one of those kids who had to have a Cabbage Patch Kid or a new Barbie every year (both of which I did not have). When I talk of these childhood pasttimes and games, I’m glad that my kids aren’t the type who would roll their eyes, and then immediately ask for a Bakugan or a Bratz. Instead, they’re curious to know more, and to ask how they themselves can play the way I did.

A couple of weeks ago, the Boy suddenly asked me about the rules of hopscotch, because his sister already knew how to play. Then all week long the two of them practised skipping with a rope, with the Girl now a pretty decent skipper (she even has ideas for her own skipping club), and the Boy immensely proud of himself when he can do three in a row. And for several days this week, we’ve been playing with our marble maze, but the kids have also asked me to teach them some traditional marble games, to play in the dirt out in the backyard.

This summer, we’re due to update our can stilts (which have gotten rusty over the past couple of years), and get the Boy a little more comfortable on the pogo stick, like his sister. Between those, the Transformers, and the PS3, they should keep themselves pretty busy.