Well, well, what a coincidence . . .

I know that it’s a cliché to say “it’s a small world”, but sometimes things happen in life which can only make you nod your head at how true these words are. For example, I’d read last week about this couple who had unknowingly been in the same photo at Disney World years earlier, and ended up marrying each other. I marvelled at how closely people are really linked to each other in this world, without even knowing it.

Our example of coincidental meetings is unfolding right now, as we prepare to welcome new neighbours next door. Upon the end of the home inpection two days ago, the two children came out of the house that apparently would soon be theirs, and called out to our kids, “See you on July 30th.” So Beloved Husband and children took the opportunity to engage in conversation with the new neighbours, and become briefly acquainted. The first of the nice coincidences is that the boy of the family is almost exactly the same age as our boy, and has the same name as BH.

But wait, it gets better. In their chit-chat, the grandmother of the family, who will be living with them, answered some of BH’s questions about the family.

“So, where are you from originally?”


“Oh. Where?”

“Oh, just a small town north of Montreal. You wouldn’t have heard of it.”

“What’s the town?”

She names the town.

“Oh. I went to [name of small English-speaking high school in the Laurentians].”

“So did my daughter!”

Turns out that the new neighbour was only a year ahead of BH, at the same high school.

Funny out life turns out sometimes, and you get a little jolt when you realise just how far you had to go to be connected to someone who had started out so near. From a small Quebec area, to a small Ontario town, two people who possibly passed by each other in the hallways, end up being next-door neighbours. Maybe their young sons will end up being friends for life. Maybe some things were meant to be.