#957: My little blogger

Yes, that’s right. I now have a mini-me, mini-blogging, all on her own.

The Girl asked me, just days before her ninth birthday, how one goes about setting up a blog. And I noticed that she was paying close attention when I explained certain things to her (the great thing about her, and I suppose most kids of that generation, is that you only have to explain technological things once, and they just get it).

Sure enough, on her birthday exactly, her first test post went up. She even has a cute tagline—“Words from the mind of a nine-year-old.” I think that most of her skills and capabilities—typing, spelling, storytelling, knack for seeing the humour and lightness around her—have all pointed towards this. She was meant for this.

At this point, she has three posts up, and they’re all, well, pretty much brilliant. I say this not as her mother, but as a past teacher who has seen the writings of many other nine-year-olds. Her writings make me laugh, and showcase a voice that is distinctly hers—a very mature, observant, but still young-at-heart and fun-loving nine-year-old.

There are only three or four blogs that I have been following semi-regularly up to this point, but I now have one more to add to the list. And I’ve no doubt that this one will become my favourite.

. . .

*Note: Family and friends who would like the link to her blog, please contact me privately.