#959: Inventions, Part 1–Food

For the past two days, it seems like we’ve been rolling like crazy in our house. Sushi and Vietnamese salad rolls, that is. And we’ve been doing this with an injection of experimentation and need for novelty.

Now, I’ve already mentioned that the Boy loves exploring and tasting unusual and/or new foods. But both kids have a very good imagination when it comes to food. Even our Girl, who is not the most indiscriminate eater, can imagine great recipes with terrific-sounding food combinations, even if they’re things that she says she likely won’t eat. I remember some of her first recipes or “food inventions” since the age of four or five, involving such combinations as “lobster and brie”, “steak and okra butter” (I still don’t even know if “okra butter” exists), and her famous “jazz-mati rice”. She still writes regularly in her hardcover recipe journal, and adds to the list of foods that we must make in our household, one day.

So it was great to see that that ability to visualise and invent weird and wonderful food combinations exists in the Boy too. During our rolling these past couple of days, we experimented with various vegetarian options, in addition to our usual meat and seafood combos. And for our Vietnamese rolls, the Boy came up with this unusual pairing: cheddar cheese and hoisin sauce. Yes, it sounds zany, but surprisingly, not that bad. So his roll consisted of only rice vermicelli, lettuce, coriander, cucumber, old cheddar cheese, and hoisin sauce, wrapped up in the usual rice paper roll. Not traditional, but not too bad.

All of this seems to suggest creativity, inventiveness, and an ability to picture unusual pairings, which I hope will spill into many other areas of their life.