#966: A Singing Star

Who among us have tried “SingStar”, and not loved it? Like karaoke, but with the grading aspect to it (and the competition, for those of us who love competition and reaching levels of achievement), it satisfies adults and kids alike.

For the past year, it’s been only the three elder members of our family, along with assorted friends and guests, who have enjoyed making fools of entertaining ourselves with this party game. Our youngest member would always watch intently, but refuse to participate. Oh, he always had his reasons—”I can’t read”, “I don’t want to sing”, “It’s not fun”—but still, he stayed on the sofa and paid attention. We figured at the time, “Well, he’s three, and he’s shy. And maybe the songs aren’t so fun for him.” So we always asked, but we didn’t push.

And then one day a few months ago, something just clicked inside him. Just when we had almost given up hope on him picking up the mike, he said, rather shyly, “Can I sing too?” He chose a song—Duran Duran—and sang for a full six minutes! He was coming out of his shell and actually performing! Best of all, I could see now that all that time while he was paying attention to us, he was furthering his reading skills, because now his eyes were intently following the words across the screen. When his score came up at the end, he looked up at us and beamed proudly. “Look! I’m a doggie!” That was the most satisfying part for him.

Now, he has his repertoire of favourite songs (which range from 80s favourites to one The Offspring tune), and he actually fights to get to a microphone. And even if he never aims higher than the Wannabe chihuahua level, he’s still a singing (and reading) star in our rec room.