#967: Giving something really needed

This is a follow-up to #977, when the Girl had made a cat bed to donate to our local humane society.

What you don't see in this photo is one happy girl, standing to the right with a big smile on her face.

I wasn’t the one to drive her to the shelter the day she donated her gift, but the word from the Beloved Husband is that the cats really appreciated it. The moment that soft bed was placed inside the cage, the two cats immediately stepped on to it and made themselves at home. It made the Girl especially happy when she told me that the two given the beds “really needed it”: One is a diabetic, and the other is an asthmatic. (Which led to a funny question from the Girl: “If Papa is asthmatic and is allergic to cats, does that mean that an asthmatic cat would be allergic to Papa?”)

When your child knows that something that she has given is truly appreciated, and she’s happy, you’re happy.