#968: The play’s the thing

Age: 11 months. Toronto, Massey Hall, kids’ concert. I can tell that the Boy is obviously not ready to sit still for any kind of arts or cultural event, even if it is billed as suitable for kids of all ages. I sling him and walk around downtown, keeping him and myself busy, while the other two members of our family enjoy their outing. It seemed like a show that I would have enjoyed.

Age: 2 years. A Scarborough amateur theatre group’s production of “The Sound of Music”. The Boy squirms. Of course—he’s two. He asks loudly several times, “When can we go?” We go, of course, just the two of us, out to the lobby to wait out the last half of the musical. We sneak in towards the very end, but of course, we’ve missed some of the best parts. Beloved Husband and the Girl enjoyed it very much, though.

Age: 3 years. Another musical, this time, a local production of “Anne of Green Gables”. Again, the Boy squirms. We make it through almost the first half,  before I’m forced to take him out to the lobby. BH takes my place next to the Girl, and she reports that she liked it a lot.

Age: 4 years, 5 months. A short play put on by a kids’ Drama Club. Last year, when this event was put on, the Boy moved from seat to seat, asked to leave, and exclaimed quite loudly that this was “boooring.” This year . . . not a peep. He sat on my lap through the whole thing, watching and listening intently.

The first time your child can sit through a play or a musical without asking, “Is it done yet?” is a golden moment. It is, indeed, a fine show.