#973: Testing, testing

The Boy: “Papa, do you only want [indistinct mumbling]?”

No answer from two parents who are busy at work.

TB: “Papa? Papa? Do you only want that?”

Still no answer.

The Boy: “Papaaa! Do you only want [indistinct mumbling]?”

Me (getting exasperated at hearing the same line repeated for almost a minute straight): “Honey, just say ‘Yes’. Just say ‘yes’ and he’ll stop.”

TB: “Papaaaaa! Do you only want [indistinct mumbling]?”

Me: “Trust me. Just say ‘yes’!”

The Beloved Husband: “Yes.”

Me, smiling with satisfaction.

TB: “Okay, why?”


The Girl, too, developed a couple of years ago the ability to know when a parent was tuning out. And after a while, she knew to end her long speeches with, “Okay, what did I just say?”

Ahh, kids. Talkative enough to drive you crazy and make you deliberately zone out,  and smart enough to know when you’re not paying attention. Even if I dread being tested, I have to admit that I am proud and amused that these two kids have developed  testing skills in order to hold on to their audience.