Blonde, white person links to a great Vietnamese salad

Who would have thought that Gwyneth Paltrow* would introduce me to a Vietnamese dish?  But I trust that Ms. Paltrow and her (no doubt well-trained, well-paid) personal chefs know what they’re talking about.

I can look at a recipe and guess whether something is going to taste great or not, and the dressing for this Vietnamese salad tastes delicious in my mind. The bok choy and nappa, while I love in other dishes, wouldn’t be my first choice as salad staples (I’m more accustomed to plain lettuces, mango, papaya, bean sprouts, and yes, maybe even watercress), but I’m sure they’d go down well raw, as long as you pop a Beano first. I think I’ll give this recipe a go this week.


* While I’d heard of Goop, of course, I had also been aware of a basic amount of ridicule over it—enough to make me hesitate originally about taking a long look. (I know, I know, one shouldn’t be overly influenced by the mockery of others.) However, I was intrigued enough this week to check it out, based on the fact that The Times (UK) placed her on the list of “40 bloggers who really count“—even as the opening sentence is “Gwynnie’s lifestyle blog is easy to deride”. It is indeed a pretty nice-looking site, with enough wisdom and day-to-day sharing of common sense this may very well be the only one among the 40 that I’d add to my daily reading.

While I won’t have the time or desire to read completely through the many pieces of celebrity advice that she offers on different topics, I do love the basic intro question, or food for thought, that she offers, such as this one on “Friendship Divorce“.