#980: Gleefully enjoying music

When I was in high school, and in my early uni years, I understood what music snobbery was. There were always one or two friends or acquaintances who believed that they had impeccable taste in music, and could make a person feel embarrassed for not sharing their tastes. “You like what? That is so cheesy.” Friends could say this in a half-joking way, but still, I got the message. And after a while, I learned to not be too forthcoming about my musical tastes whenever I met someone new, for fear that I would see the snobbery in them.

Although my musical taste is more varied than the Beloved Husband’s, it could certainly never be called sophisticated. My likes can range from unheard-of independent bands, to alternative and funky, to the most common Top-40 mainstream tunes. In our home, only one of the adults likes cheesy pop music and formulaic arena rock, and it isn’t the cool rocker drummer.

Well, recently, we heard a Bon Jovi song on the radio, and I started singing along to it. The kids’ little ears picked it up, and within a few seconds, they were asking what it was. Of course, I pulled it up on YouTube for them, so that they could watch it over and over again, and eventually sing along (because there’s nothing like a couple of kids singing along to Bon Jovi, to torture your spouse). The great thing about my kids—and perhaps it is so with most or all kids—is that there is no musical snobbery in their bones. They like what they like, without shame.

So these days when I walk into a room, I sometimes catch the two kids gleefully pointing to each other and singing, “Shot to the heart, and you’re to blame!”. Or the Boy may look at me and out of the blue, say with great delight, “Mama, I only have six words to say to you: You give love a bad name!” And it makes me so happy to know that my kids truly enjoy music with the purest joy, with no worries about what other people may think.