#984: Eager Scissorhands

Kids are always looking forward to trying something new and dangerous, and I’ve found that this pertains especially to boys. As I discovered yesterday while speaking on the phone with the Boy, he was too busy to chat with Mama because he was eager to “crush up the paper so I can help Papa burn something.” (Turns out they were making a fire in the fireplace. How can a mom possibly compete with fire?)

So this is to say that currently, the Boy is most looking forward to being allowed to do two dangerous things: lighting matches, and cutting things with a knife (and he asks constantly, “At what age can I . . . ?”) While he knows that it’ll be a long time before his little four-year-old self gains access to matches and knives, he’s hoping at least for something a little more accessible first: “adult” scissors.

Eager little hands cut off the important part

You know those plastic kiddie “safe” scissors that never seem able to cut anything thicker than a strand of hair? Well, you have to give any child credit for putting up with them so patiently during the first years of toddlerhood. (There have been many days when I’ve wanted to chuck them into the fireplace.) So it’s a wonderful day when a child finally graduates to a real pair of scissors that can actually do some damage.

True, in their eagerness, little fingers can destroy anything worth keeping (see image). But it’s lovely and endearing anyway, to see all that eagerness and enthusiasm for destruction, transform itself into a moment of creativity and delight.