#989: Love songs

Every once in a while, you go to a great concert, where the music, musicianship, and general atmosphere all combine to make an unforgettable and happy experience. You stand in an enthusiastic crowd, but feel also like you might be alone with your thoughts of joy and peacefulness. You feel moved by the music, but equally moved by the words. You feel connected to the words penned by sensitive and wise songwriters.

The act of writing a good, heartfelt song or a poem is one that takes a good amount of introspection, sensitivity, and a high degree of skill in self-expression. Some people have it, and some don’t. Some can learn it in a class, while some are born with it. Some discover it at a later stage in life, while others develop it at a young age.

Our Girl wrote her first song at the age of 7. And I mean, a good song. It wasn’t a kids’ song; it was about things that she could not have experienced yet at that tender age, but perhaps had heard others speak of: It was a song of love lost, love re-found, and forgiveness. It was about missing your soulmate, like missing a part of a puzzle.

It was an amazing, almost heartbreaking piece of poetry. It was the type of song that, years from now, will make someone stand in an audience, in a crowded concert hall, and pause to think of the truthfulness and beauty of the songwriter’s words.