#990: What You Like, I Like

In our family, there’s one adult who likes and knows about sports, and one who doesn’t. Since the projector and big screen are technically “his”, I’ve always tried to be respectful and not force the sports issue in this house, if, say, “Mythbusters” is on. So for years, I abandoned watching sports on tv, and tried to not educate the kids too much on this matter, other than at the occasional recreational game.

But with the playoffs going on right now, and underdogs/wonderdogs Montreal Canadiens going into their first game of round two against the Pittsburgh Penguins, I was more excited about the playoffs than I had been in years. So there would be no arguments about it last night: The screen would be mine—no ifs, ands, or buts about it. They could go read a book in the other room, or do whatever it is that non-sports-fans do when the playoffs come around.

But then, an interesting thing happened: Instead of abandoning their mom for Legos, both kids snuggled around me, and started asking me questions about the game, and about sports, in general. “Mama, why is he sitting in that box by himself? What is that blue half-circle for? How come they don’t all wear masks? Is 6 to 3 a good score? . . .” (“He’s being punished. That’s to prevent the bad players from hurting the goalie. Some players like to think they’re tougher than others. Yes, it’s a bad score, because it’s for the wrong team.”)

I should have started raising one of these since infancy

All of a sudden, they were showing an interest in something that I loved! It’s a great feeling, passing on knowledge and excitement about something that you’re passionate about, to people that you’re passionate about.

Maybe I will raise sports fans in this house, after all.