#993: Mastering a drum beat

Ba-dum-ba-bum. Ba-dum-ba-bum. Ba-dum-ba-bum. Ba-dum-ba-bum.

The little drummer boy, at 2,awaiting the construction of his drum workshop

On random days, or at random moments during the day, the Boy picks up a couple of utensils, or pencils, or if he can find them, of course, drumsticks. He absentmindedly taps out a steady rhythm. It starts out slowly, but then picks up speed, and soon, it’s an intricate thing that he’s playing. It’s a beautiful beat, almost melodic. It’s perfect. He turns to me and asks sweetly, “Like my new beat, Mama? I just made it up myself.”

The first time your child is able to tap out a steady beat, first by listening to the expert drummer in the house (not me), then by making one up by himself, is beautiful. You think, “There can’t be any better musician in the world than this kid.” It’s music to your ears.