#996: Wheely grown-up

As already mentioned in this post that kicked off the whole 1001 Moments idea, it’s a grand moment when you realise that your kids are now big kids on big bikes. Sure, the day when they take off the training wheels and pedal off on two wheels is a fine moment, but I’m looking at the more subtle bike achievements that show their independence.

The younger years: sharing a tricycle

For the Girl, it was her switch to a big girl’s bike—a cool 20″ model with handbrakes and five speeds, and no more streamers from the handlebars. For the Boy, who’s still on training wheels (but not for long this summer, we’re sure of it), the vision of him standing up off his seat and pushing off with his little muscular calves showed that he’s growing up fast.

I suppose the next step will be them riding off by themselves with their friends, or to the corner store. It’ll be a moment that I’ll look upon with pride, and a bit of sadness.