#997: Just joking!

The first time your kids tell a joke—not just one that they’ve heard and are now re-telling in a mangled new way, but a joke that they made up themselves—is quite incomparably amusing. You set your face straight, trying to look serious until the punchline, all the while knowing that you’ll laugh anyway, even if it isn’t funny, or doesn’t make sense.

Children’s first jokes are highly entertaining in their own way, and show us how their individual sense of humour is developing, and what they think is funny in the world.

The Girl, at the age of three, showed then (and still) an immense appreciation of puns and word play, hence her one-liner went like this:

Q: What do you call a female dinosaur?

A: A vagina-saur!

The Boy at the age of three, on the other hand, enjoyed quirky humour that is funny simply because sometimes it isn’t. His first made-up joke, adapted from other animals-in-the-fridge jokes, was:

Q: How do you get an elephant inside a fridge?

A: You face his face in, and he walks right in!

(All of his jokes then were subsequently followed by a pause, and then the instruction, “Okay, now you can laugh.”)

Both were unforgettable jokes that still crack us up even now.