#998: The OMG moment

Okay, I know that a kid taking the Lord’s name in vain isn’t a proud moment for most parents. But to me, there’s something awfully cute about a pre-schooler saying “Oh my gawd” (which both my kids, from a young age, inexplicably say with a Brooklin accent), but knowing the seriousness of it to not overdo it. The Boy has taken to using this particular phrasing a little bit more frequently than his sister ever did at his age (or does now), but the sincerity and earnestness with which he utters these words are adorable.

Yes, we’ve spoken to them about how serious it is to some people when they say “Oh my God” or even simply when they utter the word “God”. Even if kids’ “Oh my gawd” moments aren’t quite as serious as all that, we like to know that they understand what they’re saying, and have entered a new level of self-expression that is at once, honest, and adorably trivial. Today, for example, the Boy uttered, “Oh my gawd, something terrible has happened!”. It turned out to be a papercut. It’s nice to know that what is serious enough in their little world to warrant an OMG, isn’t really the end of the world.