#1001: Jeopardy win

In our household, we’re really into mind games. No, not psychological manipulations. We love trivia, word games, making up puns and jokes, writing silly or witty tales. So it goes without saying that we love the game show Jeopardy.

Both of our kids, from a very young age, have been exposed to Jeopardy and instructed on how it works. Around 7 p.m. every weekday evening, the show comes on, and you don’t grumble about it (as hard as this is for the Boy to accept). You listen quietly, and wait for Alex Trebek to finish reading the clue, before you’re allowed to chime in with your educated (or even uneducated) guess. That last point is sometimes lost on the Beloved Husband, who doesn’t always play by the rules, to the point where our kids learned to automatically admonish dear ol’ Papa, in defense of their peeved mom, “You have to wait until he finishes reading the clue!”

Most evenings, the show is on in the background as we’re preparing supper. Or if we’re already eating, it plays in the next room while we dine with half our attention, and prick our ears to the clue so that we can mumble our answers in between mouthfuls. What can I say—we love our trivia. (We also have four editions of Trivia Pursuit and/or IQ 2000 in our board game collection.) So we had a hint of a proud moment first when one day, out of the blue while we were all out shopping, our Boy at the age of three started humming the show’s theme music as if were the most natural tune to him. (This from the kid who refuses to participate in song time at any playgroup, and wouldn’t be able to hokey-pokey his way out of a paper bag.) But nothing tops the moment when your kid correctly answers a Jeopardy question that both parents miss.

It happened last week. We were at the supper table when we heard the final Jeopardy question*. Both BH and I politely offered each other the chance to answer first, and then gave our own answers. Our Girl calmly chimed in with a different answer.

And she was the only one who was right. Dang. I mean, she’d gotten answers right before (and not just on the  Kid or Teen Tournament of Champions), but this was the first time that she had shown us both up. And as competitive as I am (and those who know me well, know that I really am), I have to admit, my heart spilled over with pride.


* So, what was that final Jeopardy question on which she aced us all, you ask? It was this: “Recently in the U.K., the cartoon show ‘Tom and Jerry’ has been edited to remove all instances of this politically-incorrect activity.”

My answer: Stabbing/Knifing
BH’s answer: Shooting
Jeopardy contestants’ answers: Explosions, beheading, and shooting

Our Girl’s (correct) answer: . . .