1001 Great Moments

(Or, “Daily Musings and observations on the little things that make us happy as parents.”)

I love lists. Funny lists, sad lists, to-do lists, to-do-later-even-if-I-know-realistically-that-it’ll-never-get-done lists. Even awesome lists. There’s such a sense of satisfaction in gathering a bunch of items into one place, or eventually hitting the last item in a list. I had often thought of making my own list of something, but it seemed like it had all been done before. (I had casually mentioned, at one point, some random things that make me happy, but I’ve been told by a friend that I seem too peeved on my blog sometimes, so I don’t think that my happy list would be too long.)

But there is a list of something that I’ve been compiling for a few years, on and off in my head, on scraps of paper, and here on the blog, that should be put together in one place. It would be called: “1001 Great Moments in Parenting.” Why this, why now? It’s not only an affirmation to myself and my children, but also, my response to the negative “I hate my life as a parent” people such as Corinne Maier (who wrote this).

There are plenty of reasons to be proud and happy as a parent. Sometimes it’s necessary to document them, for those moments when—gasp!—sometimes we’re not so proud and happy as parents. Of course, I will avoid as much as possible the most obvious ones (first smile, first step, first word uttered), or the overly sentimental ones, and the ones to come in the future that no doubt would make any parent proud (graduation, getting married, presenting a grandchild). This will be a rather idiosyncratic list of course, but I also hope that it’ll be a list of the little things, or at least things seen in a new way, that might make other parents say, “Oh yeah, me too. I remember when my child did that . . . “

So tomorrow will mark the first day of my list of randomly compiled things, counting down from 1001 (not necessarily in chronological order, or in order of importance).  Let the moments begin . . .