Miss Herd Leer Ricks

Laugh of the day:

Misheard lyrics are one thing, but misheard lyrics by kids are spectacularly hilarious. A couple of days ago, we were sitting together, my boy and I, when a song came on the radio.

He innocently turned to me and asked, “Did he really say that?”
“Hmm? Say what, honey?” I asked absentmindedly.

The singer had sang, “Tonight I need your sweet caress.”
My boy had heard, and related to me, “Tonight, I need your squeaker ass.”

Which is so funny, on so many levels.

I then had to explain to him what a “caress” was, and I do truly think he was sorely disappointed, because it no longer sounded as promising as a “squeaker ass”.

Somebody should encourage four-year-olds to write song lyrics. I bet they’d come up with something truly unforgettable.