When “cute” gives way to “cool”

There comes a time when every child decides that s/he has had enough of being a baby, and just wants to be a “big kid”. Part of this process involves letting go of their cuteness, and this in turn, involves distancing themselves from kisses and hugs from siblings (and especially), parents. Some kids reach this stage sooner than others. Our daughter, for example, still isn’t there yet, at 8 1/2. Boys, however, seem to reach it very early in life.

Our son decided just before his 4th birthday in December that he wanted to be “cool” rather than be “cute”, and part of this process of transitioning into “cool” meant that he would no longer hug and kiss his big sister. However, one day while cooking in the kitchen and listening to the chatter of two kids behind me, I turned around and saw him wrapping his arms around his sibling in a spontaneus display of affection. Caught by surprise, he looked for a moment like the kid caught with his hand in the cookie jar. However, he instantaneously regained his composure and assured me with a straight face, “I’m not hugging her. I’m seatbelting her.”

On another occasion soon after, he was again caught in a hug, and said quite matter-of-factly, “No, it’s not a hug. She’s broccoli. I’m the elastic band.” 🙂

And this is why people love this kid.