Making business life a little easier: No more wholesale

Last week, I made a decision to make my business life a little easier, less stressful, more dedicated to my direct customers, and frankly, more profitable: I cut out (practically all) retailer/wholesaler accounts. By this, I mean that I won’t be selling to retail or on-line stores, with the exception of the aforementioned four for now, who are reliable, high-volume buyers, and whom I won’t have to chase down for accounts payable.

With this move, I can concentrate on providing more time and customer service to the direct consumer, and spend less time worrying about retailers who sometimes require a lot of time and energy. With so many customers who find me by way of the Internerd anyway, maybe this is the way of the future.

In this, my first full week after my big decision, it seems like a lot of the stress has been lifted off my chest. No really, literally, I just feel lighter and . . . I dunno, happier. Hopefully, what I’ve lost in point-of-sale visibility, I will gain in more word-of-mouth advertising, if I can step up my efforts to service the direct consumer. It was a tough decision, but one that needed to be made, and frankly, the right one.