Why the Motrin ad doesn’t give me a headache

Now that the furor has died over Motrin, I’m chiming in with my opinion, a healthy distance removed from the initial circle of attention that the pain-reliever brand was getting. And my opinion can be summed up in two words: Who cares?

I certainly don’t. You’d think that being in the sling business, I would, but truly, I had a shoulder shrug over it, and thought, why waste my time and energy Tweeting or Facebooking over this? I don’t care what Motrin and their ad execs think about babywearing moms (or dads) like me because let’s face it, those are mainstream people who had probably already formed their (snide/jeering/negative) opinions about the granola/hippity-dippity/yummy-mummy-wannabe/trend-following moms like me anyway. What those type of people think about me matters as much as what I think about them. It’s painfully obvious that whoever wrote that ad certainly do not belong to the sub-culture of babywearers, or they would realise that moms and dads don’t suffer needlessly and endlessly for the sake of looking cool or trendy. And we certainly wouldn’t be popping pills because of it. And if we thought we’d want to, we certainly won’t be popping a Motrin now.

So I adopt a stick-and-stones-may-break-my-bones attitude over this, and have a slight smile on my face over this ad that wanted to be funny, but had no clue.

(And to show you how little I care, I’m not even going to provide a link here to the Motrin ad, because they don’t need any more publicity.)